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Tree House Cut Flowers

Grown, Harvested, & Arranged at Tree House flower farm. Our all organic, never touched with harmful pesticides, are 100% safe for you to bring home to your kids & pets. Flowers are cut fresh to order ensuring longer vase life. Our floristry focuses on sustainable, Earth conscious techniques such as no foam & up-cycled materials. Buying locally reduces your carbon footprint. Many flowers from grocery stores & floral shops have flown thousands of miles internationally & are often weeks old, coated in preservatives.  When purchasing Tree House Cut Flowers you can be sure you are helping the environment & making someone's day!


Tree House is nestled amongst an operating tree farm. Learn about our farming operations & what we do.

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Tree House is a proud Agritourism Business. Agritourism is the marriage of Florida's top two industries; tourism & farming. Florida Agritourism is the ultimate field trip where Floridians and visitors experience the joys and benefits of farm life. We love showing visitors our farm & sharing our slice of paradise with you. Learn more about Agritourism by clicking below.

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Tree House is home to 5 acres of a variety of Lychee Trees. Our trees are 23 years old, some of the oldest around, & truly a remarkable sight to see. Lychee are grown in subtropical areas and originate in Southern China & Southeastern Asia. They can grow to 40 ft in height and have a beautiful, dense, rounded, symmetrical canopy. They fruit sometime between mid-May and June. Fruit are round shape & about 1-2 inches in diameter. Fruit must ripen on the tree for best flavor & bearing depends on weather & cross-pollination. Fruit are sweet & have a tropical floral flavor. We will update this site & our social media when we have U-Pick events & fruit sale opportunities.


Tree House grows a variety of Tropical Palm Trees. We have Queen Palms, Sugar Palms, Sylvester Palms, Christmas Palms, Areca Palms, Medjool Palms, & more. Our trees are mostly grown in field and are sold to wholesale landscapers. The rows of tropical palms make for great walking explorations, educational opportunities, & photo ops.

Tropical Palm Trees

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