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Hanging Baskets / Pendants

Hanging Baskets / Pendants

We LOVE hanging installations. Adding extra baskets & rattan pendants really brings the tulum vibe. We have assorted pendants that can be hung in a variety of ways (in addition to our permanent rattan fixtures). Could be hung over the dance floor, sweetheart table, in the oak trees, etc. This is a rental item for Tree House events only.


    Our (9) rattan pendants are permanent and come with renting the space. The assorted pendants are extra on top of that. They look great hung together in a "cloud" or dispersed in certain areas depending on the logistics of your day. Priced per pendant. If you're going for the cloud look, 5 pendants together looks nice in the reception area. 


    This is a rental item. Tree House Staff will place, ignite, & monitor the copal burn based on prefernce & logistics of your event.

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